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Toning-shoes Take Women’s Fitness Footwear Market by Surprise


Are you one of the uber-million women seeking stronger, shapelier legs and a tighter gluteus maximus from your athletic shoe? If so, it is highly probable that you purchased a pair of Reebok EasyTones or Skechers Shape-ups (athletic toning-shoes) this year or have been considering it.

Both Reebok and Skechers have their own version of athletic walking shoes intended to win the hearts of females everywhere—strengthening and shaping calves, thighs and glutes. If you have been thinking about getting a pair of toning shoes but can’t decide or don’t know which one’s to get, here is a comparison of both brands highlighting their features and benefits.


  • Walking and everyday activities
  • Walking and everyday activities
  • Lab-tested balance ball-inspired technology
  • Unique soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom to simulate walking on soft sand
  • Helps burn more calories, tone muscles and improve posture
  • Helps burn more calories, tone muscles and improve posture
  • Athletic sport styles only
  • Athletic and casual extended wear styles, sandals and boots
  • Price: $69.98 & $99.98
  • Price: From $80.00 up to $120
  • Technology: Lightweight, breathable mesh material meets Reebok demands for style and performance. On-the-go women (ages 18-40) purchase EasyTone for walking and everyday activities. The balance ball technology uses air filled pods to make muscles work harder when walking. Electromyography (EMG) testing determined muscle activity in the legs and buttocks areas increased when wearing Reebok’s EasyTone walking shoes compared to Reebok’s Express Walk shoe,. (Reebok Official, n.d.)
  • Technology: Shape-ups simulate walking on soft sand. Benefits include burning more calories, toning muscles and improving posture. The unique kinetic wedge insert creates natural instability. Shape-ups enterprising
    rolling bottom absorbs shock and maximizes traction. Disclaimer: “Wearing Shape-ups regularly may lead to the fitness benefits indicated on these pages.” Individual results will vary.” (Skechers Official site, n.d.)
  • EasyTone walking shoes are sold in
    top retail stores nationwide, online
    and globally
  • Consumers can find Sketcher Shape-Ups at Skechers Brand retail stores, authorized top retail stores, and hypermarkets like Fred Meyer, (Skechers Official site, n.d.)
  • Environmental & Social Responsibilty:
    Reebok designs environment friendly products, reducing environmental impact, providing safe working conditions, and respecting the rights of individuals. A team of company professionals, The Social and Environmental Affairs Team (SEA) oversees sustainability and community affairs globally. Reebok’s Reebok 4 Real, a Corporate Citizen platform embraces philanthropy, programming, partnerships and sustainability. Philanthropy practices support inner-city youth and underserved groups in the communities where their offices subside. Inspiring programs promoting engagement and advocacy for employees are encouraged. Partnering with athletes and sponsoring the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer are just a few Reebok commitments that make a difference. (Corporate Missions, n.d.)
  • Environmental & Social Responsibilty:
    On January 28, 2011 Skechers announced through a new release that $280,000 were donated to seven South Bay education facilities and The Friendship Circle organization raised by the SKECHERS Foundation’s Pier-to-Pier
    Friendship Walk. The SKECHERS Foundation funds nonprofit organizations that provide education and job training, shoes, clothing, fitness and nutrition guidance to communities in need. The SKECHERS Foundation also develops community and after school programs for local students, including classes with Skechers shoe designers held at the Skechers corporate headquarters in Manhattan Beach.” (Skechers USA, Inc, n.d.)


Download this Report: Reebok EasyTone Versus Sketchers Shape Ups

Hopefully this report will help you in making a decision to buy or not to buy toning shoes. I personally own a pair of Sketchers Shape Ups that I purchased through a promotion that Sketchers did with Kim Kardashian on Facebook. I absolutely love them! They are comfortable and they look hot! I get compliments on them every time I wear them. I get more compliments on my Sketchers than any other shoe I own. Do they really work? The jury is still out on that one. If they really deliver the results they promise, or not, I would still wear them because they’re comfortable and hot. There is no magic pill for a better, hotter, tone, fit body, and there is no magic shoe either. The shoe can’t do the walking on it’s own, that’s where you come in.

Are you considering buying a pair of toning shoes? If you already own them, do you feel they really work? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below.





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